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Contemporary Vinyl Flooring

The hottest design trend of the year, according to the largest commercial interiors show in North America, is contemporary vinyl flooring tiles. Vinyl tile now uses high-resolution photo printing technology, which has opened up a huge range of design possibilities.

In addition to offering custom options, better vinyl tile manufacturers are having fun with cool, modern and trendy designs. LSI Floors, a Canadian company that’s on the rise, features a wide variety of designs including tiles inspired by nature, and by pop art. Whimsical pink cow pattern tiles or large scale, embossed Tread Plate are among the fresh and exciting looks the company has on offer.
Other trends include tiles that look like natural materials such as woodgrain, stones, bamboo, and cork. Woodgrain tiles are available in planks, and mimic actual wood products with great realism. Warm tones and geometric patterns with a pop of colour also top the charts.
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Luxury vinyl tiles that resemble wood are a great alternative to wood or laminate. Here are some of the advantages of tile:


  • Maintenance. Vinyl tile is very simple to maintain. Unlike wood, which may require periodic sealing, sanding, or the use of special cleaning products, vinyl cleans up quickly with a damp mop.
  • Price. Luxury vinyl is very cost-effective. You can achieve the same look as wood at a fraction of the price.
  • Durability. Vinyl lasts for decades with little or no need to replace tiles.
  • Appearance. Super-realistic photo printing technology and registered embossing make it very hard to distinguish vinyl tile woodgrain from actual wood.

Vinyl tiles that look like concrete, rusted metal, cobblestones, and other materials are also very realistic. From auto showrooms to museums, from libraries to offices to retail spaces, premium vinyl tiles are changing the look of public spaces. 

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